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Mattress recycling

Mattress recycling | A study by QUT and Wanless Waste Management

The majority of end-of-life mattresses wind up in landfill. Each one amounts to .75m3 space and the leaching of flammable chemicals may precipitate fires on site. Collectively, this practice has contributed to a waste crisis that requires better solutions. Mattress recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions through diversions from landfill.

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Wanless Recycling Park front lift truck

Wanless Recycling Parks jump on board the NSW infrastructure boom

NSW is in the midst of a $90bn infrastructure spend, with the majority allocated to transport projects. Underpinning sustainability is recycling and waste management. Through Wanless’s commitment of “Creating a better environment”, the northern aspect of Sydney Recycling Park is a fully comprehensive recycling facility where recoverable materials are screened, processed, treated and recovered for re-use locally.

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