offcuts, salvaged materials & pallets

Timber is a valuable resource that can be repurposed and reused in its current form, or turned into wood chips as a source of power.

The sustainable use of timber helps to address the issue of deforestation, and reduces the reliance on landfill.


It makes environmental and economic sense to recycle metals.

Recycling means less pressure on finite, natural resources, such as coal, iron ore and limestone, and it also lessens the impact of production.

We cater for one-off clean-up operations, or larger-scale and regular scrap metal removal for recycling.

production waste

Production and manufacturing creates waste even before products leave a factory. Fast and efficient service is required to maintain smooth-running processes, and workplace safety.

Integral to this is the choice of bins and a well-timed collection service. Our staff can create a schedule and choose the best bins for client needs.

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