waste transport

At the end of their life cycle, some materials can be sent to facilities for waste to energy production, thus reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

Keeping waste such as treated timber, car tyres and e-plastics out of landfill prevents them from leaching harmful substances into soil.

As expert haulers of waste material, Wanless Waste Management offers a transport service for the waste to energy market.


rubbish management

For event organisers, the management of waste begins well in advance of the crowds streaming through the gates. And it ends long after the crowds have gone.

To assist, the team at Wanless will conduct a site assessment, so that a cost effective strategy for the collection and removal of waste can be provided.

Specific, colour-coded bins ensure that waste is separated and the recycling goals of our clients are met. Daily consultation, determining
the best removal times and post-event feedback, are all a part of our service.

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