Sydney Recycling Park

Sydney Recycling Park

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Wanless Sydney Recycling Park

Sydney Recycling Park is located in the heart of Western Sydney on 30 acres in the idyllic Kemps Creek area, accepting waste from Sydney’s Commercial, Industrial and Demolition markets. With close proximity to Sydney’s manufacturing and Industrial hubs in the Western region where the majority of Sydney’s waste is produced, it is easily accessible from the M7 motorway to support your collections business.

Through innovative and sustainable practices Wanless is committed to reducing waste from landfill through an advanced technology sorting process whilst protecting the environment in which our facility operates and engaging the community that surrounds it.

We understand that whilst waste avoidance is the ideal solution there are always going to be residual inert wastes that need a disposal destination in Sydney, where waste is handled in an environmentally responsible manner with resource recovery and re-use at the forefront of its operations. To provide this assurance to our customers, we strictly adhere to local legislation and EPA guidelines managing our facility to the highest workplace safety and environmental standards; currently operating two active engineered landfill cells in the southern section.

Sydney Recycling Park has extensive waste capacity which is continually enhanced through the mining of clay and shale materials for brick making purposes.

Construction & Demolition waste

  • Timber
  • Plasterboard
  • Aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Packaging materials
  • Bricks
  • Glass
  • Clean soil
  • Green waste

Commercial & Industrial waste

  • Non- putrescible dry waste
  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Mattresses
  • Polystyrene
  • Hard plastics

Sydney Recycling centre can not accept the following waste streams:

Putrescible waste Icon

Putrescible waste

We are not licensed to accept residential or “wet” wastes

Food waste icon

Food waste

Any food waste or organic matter is not accepted at the Sydney Recycling Park

Liquid waste icon

Liquid waste

Liquid wastes need to be disposed at a licensed liquid treatment plant and can not be accepted at The Sydney Recycling Centre

Asbestos icon


We can not accept any asbestos materials. They must be disposed at a licensed facility

Asbestos icon

Medical waste

All medical waste must be taken to an autoclave or incineration facility for disposal. They are not accepted in The Sydney recycling Park.

Contaminated Soil icon

Contaminated Soil

We only accept clean soil that’s been tested and certified by the transporter.

Through our commitment of “Creating a better environment” the northern aspect of The Sydney Recycling Park is a fully comprehensive recycling facility where recoverable materials are screened, processed, treated and recovered for re-use locally.

Our facility processes up to 220,000 tonnes of waste per annum, with approximately 85% of incoming material diverted from landfill.

With strict protocols that ensure quality control, we have developed an efficient, effective process that ensures all materials are allocated properly and recycled in the appropriate manner including:

Metals icon


We recover various ferrous and non-ferrous metals through our process, which are sent to a local recycler to be processed into new metal products

Cardboard icon


We recover cardboard which is re-baled and delivered to the Botany processing facility to be made into new corrugated box products

Timber icon


All recyclable timber is sorted and chipped onsite and is transferred to a local recycling facility for use as garden mulch.

Concrete icon


We sort heavy materials like concrete which can be sent to a recycling facility where its put through a crushing and screening process to be made into new road base

Soil icon


Clean, uncontaminated soil is accepted and screened to remove aggregates to be re-used in local industry or as landfill cover in our own facility

Aggregates icon


We separate aggregates to be sent locally for recycling where they are recycled to produce high grade road base and other aggregates for civil construction and infrastructure projects

The community relies on facilities such as The Sydney Recycling Park at Kemps Creek to provide safe and appropriate treatment of waste materials, both now and into the future. This includes conservation of resources and allowing for the efficient and cost effective recovery of materials for reintroduction into the economy.

Above all, the community needs for these functions to be undertaken in a way that value the protection of the environment including:

  • Stringent planning of all activities
  • Odour monitoring and management
  • Noise management and acceptance of wastes during business hours
  • Maximum of 90 vehicles accepted per day
  • Litter monitoring and control
  • Detailed environmental monitoring and reporting.

We welcome and value feedback from the community around our operations and ask you to direct your enquiries to:

Manager:       Sydney Recycling Park Email:             [email protected] Phone:           (02) 9826 1000

Operating Hours Monday – Friday     7am – 5pm Saturdays                 8am – 12pm

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