E-waste management

E-waste Management

Entertainment consoles, computers, mobile phones, televisions, appliances and lighting devices.


The Wanless way of reaching E-waste sustainability

Australians love technology and are amongst the largest users in the world, buying more than 4 million computers and 3 million TVs a year. When recycled, e-waste is dismantled and precious materials including glass, plastics and metals can be extracted for reuse.

Some electronic items contain hazardous materials including lead, mercury and cadmium that require specialist handling. By diverting e-waste from landfill, you’re saving the environment and energy in mining and manufacturing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our air and waterways from harmful materials.

Electronic waste in Australia consists of entertainment consoles, computers, mobile phones, televisions, appliances and lighting devices. Wanless has proven service capabilities with the collection of e-waste nationally through its integrated services model and even has its own electronic recycling division in Sydney.

Whether it’s a once-off clean-out of stored electronic waste or a permanent service, Wanless can provide bins to safely store, collect and transport your business’ e-waste to be recycled, providing peace of mind that it’s being handled responsibly.

E-waste management options

White goods
White Goods
Wanless Waste Management can take white goods including fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers.
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The materials found in batteries are non-renewable but can be recycled an indefinite number of times.
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Tvs, smartphones and computers
TVs, smartphones and computers
Wanless Waste Management can take TVs, smart phones and computers – recycling them and disposing of them responsibly.
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Fluorescent light bulbs
Fluorescent light bulbs
We can help recycle and dispose of spent and broken fluorescent lightbulbs.
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Secure e-waste destruction
Secure E-Waste Destruction
Avoid the chances of a data breach with secure e-waste destruction.
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E-waste recycling solutions for any size of business

Save money with an efficient e-waste recycling program

Every kilogram of paper products diverted from landfill saves your business money.

Range of bins to suit any location inside & outside

From 120lt mobile bins to 4.5cubic metres, we have a size to suit your business needs.

Mobile bins that move around the office or site

Our smaller wheely bins can be positioned in virtually any location  with ease.

E-waste 1

We’re more than waste management

A staggering 9 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, and land-based waste is the greatest polluter. This ocean debris affects about 700 marine species, some of which are now endangered.

To help turn the tide on plastic pollution, Wanless eco(logical) is investing in Australia’s oceans.

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Turning E-Waste Management into Business Sustainability.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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