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Mixed Recycling

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Mixed Waste Recycling

We have dedicated commingle rear-lift collections ranging from 240lt to 1100lt in size. Our staff can assist your business in choosing the right-sized bin and collection frequency to maximise your environmental performance. Wanless can supply source-separation bins for your kitchen and staff lunch rooms that allow staff to easily dispose of recycling, avoiding landfill. We recommend that you check the recyclability of all packaged waste before placing it in the bin. Products with the new Australasian recycling label assist you in the disposal of products. Please note that commingle collections vary per State and are available based on disposal options.

Wanless has pledged to help save the planet from plastics and turn the tide on plastics littering Australia’s oceans and beaches. Your business can also assist by committing to a mixed recycling service for clean aluminium, steel cans, plastic (PET & HDPE) and glass bottles and containers.

Bin Specifications

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       120lt              240lt

         660lt                           1100lt

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What cango in your mixed recycling bin?

The following items are acceptable:

  • Milk cartons
  • Plastic bottles
  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass containers and jars
  • Steel cans

What can’tgo in your mixed recycling bin?

The following items are unacceptable:

  • No general rubbish
  • No food wrappers
  • No food product
  • No containers containing liquid
  • No prescribed or hazardous wastes
  • No flammable waste
  • No asbestos

Mixed Recycling Facts

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Do not put recyclables in plastic bags as they may not be recycled.

If your bin has a liner, break it open when disposing of recycling in the bin, removing any contamination.

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100% of plastic ever made still exists today. Every year, about a million sea creatures die because of plastics contaminating the environment, oceans and waterways.

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Aluminium is the most recyclable of all materials and is infinitely recyclable. The energy saved by recycling a can of aluminium can power a TV for up to three hours.

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Leave lids and labels on plastic containers for recycling.

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You could power a computer for 25 minutes from the energy saved by recycling just one plastic bottle.

Mixed waste management doesn’t have to be a burden to your business.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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