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Wanless Customer Service

At Wanless our customers are our core focus and fundamental to why we exist. Accordingly, we have invested significantly in our customer service systems to achieve stronger interaction with our customers across Australia. Our customers demand, and rightly expect, pleasant, courteous, efficient and reliable customer service and our staff strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect, providing through all customer touch points of our business a great customer experience.

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Wanless Customer Service

For our Wanless customers we operate a national customer service centre, a centralised point of contact for all enquiries that’s simple and convenient to use. We ensure wait times are low, with calls being answered quickly where staff are specifically trained in understanding the needs of our larger customers making it a positive experience. Our staff undertake daily requests, enquiries, emergency response calls, escalations and complaints to ensure your enquiry is handled professionally and efficiently and if we cant resolve it on the spot ensures your responded to within 4 hours.

The national customer service centre covers a wide variety of activities including:

  • Centralised contact point for all new & existing bookings
  • Updated service times & ETA’s
  • General account queries
  • Centralised inbox for Work order’s
  • Account Management queries
  • Equipment requests including change over of bins and any maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Centralised invoicing & reporting functions

Our Management Style

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To ensure Major & National customers have flexibility but also a degree of control over the contract and daily activities that may arise from their team members, Wanless works with our customers at the contract implementation stage to determine levels of authority and an internal redirection process back to the customer to keep requests within the limits of the contract and the customers budget.

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We take care of all requests centrally with our team members taking responsibility of ownership of the enquiry from call pick up to completion and confirmation back to the customer. This ensures you are only dealing with a single team member for that enquiry, with our staff members trained to understand your businesses needs and the outcome you seek.

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Our staff build strong relationships with all operational staff at our local depots and subcontractors so they can simply and easily manage your businesses service requests and enquiries efficiently and in a responsive and timely manor, allowing Wanless customers to focus on their business whilst we take care of it for you. Wanless has a national call centre to centralise our customer enquiries during business hours, with an afterhours call back option.

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Our team provides the monthly consolidated invoices from our centralized Integrated business system operating across all our business units, checking these against bookings to ensure invoicing accuracy. Wanless has invested heavily in a SINGLE, custom built cloud based operating system that covers all aspects of our operations from call enquiry, to requests, bookings, servicing, confirmation and invoicing. This ultimately provides a more accurate process for our Wanless customers.

Benefits of Wanless national customer service centre

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Simple, easy and flexible approach to customer service for our largest customers that’s controlled so you can manage your waste budgets.

Single point of contact, ONE email, ONE phone number ONE monthly invoice & ONE monthly report

Experienced staff ready to manage your businesses enquiry until completed.By taking care of it, we save your business time & money managing your waste contract

Flexibility for you to choose the service level that best suits your business requirements

Integration into our Wanlesstechnology platform, providing measurable performance with reporting capability

Waste management doesn’t have to be a burden to your business.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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