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Production Waste Management

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Waste management for manufacturing businesses

Wanless provides simple and effective waste management solutions to the Australian manufacturing Industry, assisting our manufacturing customers to meet their environmental targets in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective.

We understand that Australian brands manufacturing locally need to remain competitively priced, with waste having an impact on production costs. With your environmental goals in mind we work in partnership to create tailored solutions, aligning the right equipment to support the reduction of manufacturing wastes, whilst maximising your recycling performance inline with your sustainability plans. We achieve this through a partnership approach with your sustainability, facility and production managers across your organisation right down to the production lines as to be successful everyone has a role to play.

To gain a strong understanding of how manufacturing waste and recycling is generated and your time and costs spent managing the process, we consider may factors including; how the waste or recycling streams are produced, how this differs per production line across the production floor or location, the journey the waste and recycling streams travel to their final destination and finally how they are collected. Once this is mapped out your Wanless account managers can provide a detailed visual or volumetric assessment of your waste to establish opportunities to maximise your current recycling volumes, new recycling opportunities, reduction in material handling and the most efficient collections method to assist reducing your waste costs. This includes looking at new technologies and innovations, source separation bins for your lines and specialised equipment for collections.

When it comes to assisting our customers toward achieving zero waste targets, Wanless has for the manufacturing sector an education and engagement program that supports positive culture changes around good recycling practices at work. Through tool box meetings, coaching, mentoring sessions and educational materials we develop staff to make a positive impact on recycling choices whilst understanding how their role in waste disposal decisions can impact costs and the environment. Staff are empowered to work together in green groups or train the trainer to share knowledge and processes to ensure the culture we create around sustainability and positive recycling behaviours becomes part of their daily role long after we leave, especially at times of seasonal production where you may experience an influx of staff.

With safety at the forefront of our organisation we also consider your traffic management in loading docks and any time restrictions, other plant and equipment at times of our collections and the safety of our employees, your staff and any contractors at all times. We work with our clients to identify prior to our commencement and ongoing any risks through our hazard identification process, requirements for any certification or licensing and any staff inductions to ensure our collections are carried out to the scope of works, ensuring a great customer experience for our customers.

Services we can provide for the Manufacturing industry include:

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