The Wanless Recycling Park is a proposed resource recovery and recycling precinct at Ebenezer, about 12 km southwest of Ipswich CBD in Queensland.

Wanless plans to construct and operate an innovative resource recovery hub that will continue to evolve as new technologies emerge. The company’s vision is to transform this degraded site into a productive precinct that generates employment and training opportunities for the local community. This is a model they have tried and tested at  Sydney Recycling Park, where up to 80% of waste is now diverted from landfill. 

Wanless recycling park


With recycling and resource recovery and reuse at the forefront of its operations, Wanless Recycling Park will accept waste from businesses and areas where it knows it can recover the most recyclable material. This will include household, commercial and industrial, and demolition and construction waste. The integrated facility will also include a landfill element for residual waste. 

The project proposal for the site is in the pre-lodgement stages. The project team is still working through site investigations, considering constraints and opportunities and interactions with surrounding land and neighbours to mitigate concerns where possible. 


The Current Development Application

Before Wanless can build the recycling park, it must be approved by Ipswich City Council. Wanless Recycling Park’s current Development Application is for a development permit for:

  • a Material Change of Use (MCU) for a Waste Activity Use (Landfill & Rehabilitating a Mining Void) and Special Industry (Waste Transfer and Resource Recovery); and 
  • a Reconfiguration of a Lot (RoL) for a Boundary Realignment (21 into 21 Lots).

The application will also include an application for an Environmental Authority for Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) 54, 60 and 62, which specifically relate to Waste Management.

* See below for further information regarding these terms.

Wanless recycling park

The proposal includes a range of waste management operations and processes. This Development Application relates to Precincts 2, 3A and 3B as shown on the above map.  These precincts encompass:  

  •  Resource Recovery Facility  
      • Resource Recovery Facility for Construction and Demolition, Commercial and Industrial and General Waste – to recover dry materials such as timber, paper, cardboard, metals, aggregates, soils, bricks, green waste and concrete rubble, plastics, fabrics (these processes involve physical processes only and do not involve any chemical processes). 
      • The resource recovery processes to include shredding, screening, magnetic and eddy current separation, optical sorting, hand picking, and air classification, crushing and baling. 
  • Landfill  
      • The residual waste will be put into the  landfill voids and will be isolated from groundwater by a synthetic barrier.   
      • Landfill Gas Recovery will be undertaken. Gas collected will be used for onsite power generation.  


What is the timeframe for this project? 

The timing of construction and operations is subject to change and is directly influenced by approval periods and market demands. If approved by the Ipswich City Council, construction is scheduled to start in May 2021, with operation expected to start during FY 2021/2022. The first uses will likely be the general waste, Resource Recovery Facility and the associated landfill.


Working with the community

Wanless has been engaging with stakeholder groups and interested residents to provide preliminary information on the proposal. This will also help Wanless consider community interests about the proposed development.


The development application is expected to be lodged in late December 2019.  Once lodged, there will be further opportunity for stakeholders to view details of the development application and provide comment. We will continue provide information about the project as it progresses. This is just the first step in the process. 

Drop-in community information sessions were held on 5 and 7 December 2019. Representatives from Wanless and key consultants were available to discuss the proposed development. There was no formal presentation or meeting throughout with people free to arrive at any time during the sessions.

The information boards used at the sessions can be found here.

Download the brochure introducing the project (note the dates of these community information sessions have now passed).

We welcome feedback from the community about this proposed development.  Please direct your comments to

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* Further notes from The Current Development Application

Material Change of Use: a type of application lodged with Council to change the use of a premises. In this case, to establish a Transfer and Resource Recovery Facility and Landfill.

Reconfiguration of a Lot (RoL): an application to Council to reconfigure the existing lots. In this instance, a boundary realignment is proposed to better align the boundaries around the proposed use areas on site.

Environmental Authority for Environmentally Relevant Activities  (ERAs): a Permit administered through the Department of Environment and Science for development that has potential environmental impacts. In this case, the proposed waste activities trigger a requirement for an ERA

ERA 54: Mechanical waste reprocessing

ERA 60: Waste disposal

ERA 62: Resource recovery and transfer facility operation