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General Waste Management

Whilst waste avoidance and sustainability are at the core of Wanless operations, we understand that there are hard-to-recycle residual wastes that need to be disposed of by our customers. Assessing your business’ waste volumes, Wanless provides a range of waste equipment that’s individually tailored to suit your needs and your waste output, big or small. Backed by a market-leading service-delivery model, we provide collections from a large fleet of vehicles nationally to support reliable, on-time collections including rear lift, front lift and hook lift. Whether it’s a regular service you require or a once-off clean up, we have a solution.

Wanless provides customised commercial waste solutions for businesses of all sizes, individually tailored to your needs and volume by our expert staff. Providing general waste services as part of a total waste solution is simple and cost-effective, allowing your business to improve its environmental performance.

General Waste Services

Non-recyclable plastics
Non-recyclable plastics
Wanless shreds and processes plastics waste in a thermal process.
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Waxed & lined cardboard
Waxed & lined cardboard
Because of its chemical coating, waxed cardboard can take up to 50 years to break down in a landfill.
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Non-recyclable packaging
Non-recyclable packaging
Some packaging is unfortunately still unrecyclable.
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General waste solutions for small to medium sized businesses

Rear Lift services in mobile garbage bins (MGB) 240lt-1100lt are perfectly suited for small volumes of waste that can be cleared more frequently, where access is limited and a smaller bin and collection service is required city locations and back laneways, for example.

Suitable Industries include restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, medical centres, retail spaces and workshops as they are compact and take up less space on site. As they are plastic, mobile garbage bins are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, easy to clean and can be used both inside and outside your business’s premises.

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    120lt                240lt

             660lt                              1100lt

Large volume general waste services

For larger customers who produce larger commercial and industrial waste volumes with space onsite for larger containers, we have a range of front lift services with equipment ranging 1.5 – 4.5 meters. .

Holding larger waste volumes onsite longer between collections, front lift services are a cost-effective and flexible waste solution for customers. Depending on how you use the equipment, front lift bins can be fitted with wheels, brakes, padlocks and chains.

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Bulk general waste collections

For large bulk volumes of waste on a permanent or ad-hoc basis Wanless can provide customers with hook lift bins varying from 12-31 cubic meters to assist in the disposal of landfill and production wastes. These include specialized equipment like compactors for various industries including transport and logistics, shopping centres, hospitals, manufacturing and warehouses.

Storing larger volumes onsite can effectively reduce transport movements, increasing site safety and reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Compactors are easier to load, absorb odour and reduce pest control issues to the site as waste is securely contained.

Bulk bins sizes ranging from 12 – 31m3

12 m3 Bulk General Waste Bin
Bulk General Waste Bin
Bulk General Waste Bin
12 m3 Bulk General Waste Bin
31 m3 Bulk General Waste Bin
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What can go in your general waste bin?

The following items are acceptable:

  • General business
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Non Recyclable Packaging
  • Non recyclable plastics
  • Non-compostable plastic cutlery

What can’t go in your general waste bin?

The following items are unacceptable:

  • Aerosols
  • Prescribed or hazardous wastes
  • Liquid or flammable waste
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Mattresses or hard bulky rubbish items

General Waste Facts

General Waste 5

General waste is the residual of all non-recyclable items excluding liquid, hazardous and prescribed wastes.

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Did you know that the correct loading of all bins is to water level? We ask you don’t over load bins as it can cause unnecessary litter and can attract pests.

General Waste 5

In Australia some states tax landfill with a levy to encourage households and businesses to recycle, providing funds back into the community for recycling education and facilities.

General Waste 5

Safety and the welfare of our people, customers and the greater community is at the forefront of everything we do and is fundamental to the success and future of our business as our philosophy is one of safety first and zero harm.

General Waste 5

Landfill gas is comprised of approx. 50% methane and 50% CO2, which can be converted to power back into the grid as green energy to homes and businesses.

Waste management doesn’t have to be a burden to your business.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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