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Industry solutions for all sized customers

Wanless operates a large fleet of front lift collection vehicles across its Australian operations, providing our customers with a range of reliable service solutions for commercial and industrial waste. With safety at the forefront of everything we do, front lift services are ideal for all sized businesses who seek:

  • A cost effective and affordable collections solution
  • A regular scheduled service or more flexible service options, your business is in control
  • A more secure option as bins are lockable and made of steel, effectively containing wastes
  • A standard approach to all waste and recycling streams that encourages positive recycling outcomes.
  • Multiple services or bins onsite
  • Choice of castors, brakes, padlocks or chains

Front lift collections are performed where the bins are lifted over “the front” of the vehicle by hydraulic arms that weigh the bin, emptying waste overhead before being compacted within the vehicle body. Once the vehicle is full it is transported for disposal at a local landfill or recycling facility. All Wanless collection vehicles are connected to our Wanless Integrated Vehicle System that includes scales for weighing our collections. In real time we know where our vehicles are to optimise service delivery and performance and can easily react to customer demands, especially in an emergency where you may need an additional collection.

All Wanless vehicles are fitted with reversing lights, cameras and beepers so we can perform our collections safely, with lights and sounds creating awareness of our vehicle to those in close proximity as YOUR safety is OUR safety.

Benefits of a Wanless Front lift Service

Large Range

Wanless supplies customers with multiple bin sizes to suit your business’ waste and recycling volumes. We consider what you produce, how it is collected, storage space and lastly collections capabilities onsite. Our range of bins includes 1.5m, 3m and 4.5m sizes.


Wanless is flexible when it comes to your service schedules, providing collections around your business’ requirements. With our integrated services model we have multiple collections options if your business requires time-sensitive solutions. ​

Young Fleet

Wanless has invested heavily in new fleet through its national expansion. Having a younger fleet provides a more reliable service outcome, allowing Wanless to meet the service needs of our customers.


Wanless offers a large range of services including; general waste, paper & cardboard and commingle in front lift bins. Customers can enjoy the flexibility of rotating bins to use for internal collection at the source, being charged only on qty presented. ​

Bin Specifications

Front Lift Services 2 Front Lift Services 3

1.5 m 3

2.0m(l) x 1.0m(w) x 1.1m (h)

3.0 m 3

2.0m(l) x 1.5m(w) x 1.5m (h)

4.5 m 3

2.0m(l) x 1.8m(w) x 1.8m (h)

Safety with and around equipment

At Wanless, the safety of our customers and employees when handling our equipment is our highest priority. That’s why we ask you take note of the following at all times:​

  • Don’t overload bins, keep all waste water level as this can cause unnecessary littering and additional pest issues​
  • Bag all general waste so it is secure, and keep the lids closed at all times to minimise odours​
  • Ensure all recyclables are removed from bags, check and remove any contamination​
  • No liquids, aerosols, flammables, asbestos or hazardous wastes are accepted​
  • Wanless recommends a regular bin cleaning schedule and can organise this for your business​

At Wanless, safety is our first priority, so please be aware around service vehicles and bins as YOUR safety is OUR safety. A Wanless representative is happy to call out to your business should you have any questions around safety and our services

Bin cleaning

We understand that maintaining your back of house or external docks to a high level of presentation and hygiene is important as those parts of your business that may be visible to the public or part of a certification where hygiene standards are regulated – as well as providing wellbeing to those using the bins within your facility. So that standards can be upheld (reducing offensive odours, pests and discomfort for your staff), Wanless offers scheduled or unscheduled bin and compactor cleaning as part of The Wanless Total Waste Management Solution.

To ensure Wanless bins are maintained to hygiene standards, they are cleaned inside and out with a citrus based degreaser and rinsed and sanitised with an odour control spray to assist with odour control long after the service. As Wanless is concerned with protecting the environment, we partner with bin cleaning companies in each state through our integrated services model, taking into consideration chemical and water usage whether cleaning is conducted on the client’s premises or in our own depots.

Wanless can offer bin cleaning for rear lift, front lift, hook lift and compactors. All prices are on application​

Front Lift Bin Options

No Castors

Wanless highly recommends for customers where bins don’t need to be moved and are directly placed for service that for safety they have NO castors.

This is our standard option.

LH or RH swivel castors

Swivel castors are perfect for those sites where bins may need to be moved for collection or by staff.

One side of the bins castors are fixed, the other side swivels, making them easy to move.

Wheel brakes

In some instances where customers want a secure and fixed bin, you may request brakes to lock wheels.

Please ensure all staff keep brakes locked to ensure bins remain in a fixed position on site.

Bin lock

For a small fee, Wanless can supply a padlock so that our customers can keep their waste secure from theft and pests.

Our locks are “key liked” so at all times our driver has a key to unlock bins on collection.


Chains are fitted to bins where padlocks are required.

Padlocks may be welded to the chains at the customers request.

*non-standard items may incur an additional fee

Waste management doesn’t have to be a burden to your business.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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