Australian Workers’ Union Weighs In To Support Jobs At Wanless

The Australian Workers’ Union has backed the Wanless proposal for Ebenezer on the strength of job creation, writes local Ipswich newspaper The Fassifern Guardian & Tribune.

Queensland AWU Secretary Steve Baker called on Ipswich City Council to approve Wanless Recycling Park to secure vital jobs to the Ipswich region.

He said the Wanless project would deliver a much needed $200 million investment to the Ipswich region and would create 300 civil construction jobs and 50 ongoing jobs once operational.

“Ipswich needs good, secure jobs and the Wanless Recycling Facility will do just that,” Mr Baker said.

“Ipswich residents are screaming out for further employment opportunities and investment in the region.”

Ahead of the matter coming to Ipswich Council in the next few weeks, the AWU has stepped up its campaign to lobby for jobs and investment in the region.

“Ipswich councillors need to back a project that delivers local jobs and local investment for the region,” Mr Baker said.

“If a priority for the Ipswich Council is sustainable and secure jobs then they must put their money where their mouth is and back the project.

“For every one job created in landfill, there are three jobs created in recycling.”

Mr Baker said the AWU had received commitments from Wanless regarding local workforce and procurement.

“The AWU have secured a win for the local community in ensuring that Wanless will prioritise industry standard employment conditions and local contractors,” he said.

“The AWU stands proudly behind these job creating opportunities in the Ipswich region.”

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