Wanless wins contested Carpentaria Shire waste management contract

Wanless Waste Management was recently awarded the Carpentaria Shire contract following a contested tender process. 

Ben Hill, Manager Water and Waste at Carpentaria Shire Council says it’s a welcome relief for a community with more waste management challenges than most, not least during the area’s wet season, where townships are washed out for three months with only barge access in and out. Wanless Waste Management’s competitive rates and familiarity with the area edged out the competition for the contract.

“We’re so remote, and because of the costs and travel associated, it can be difficult to engage staff with the necessary expertise,” says Mr Hill. “Wanless has experience in Far North Queensland, and the staff and resources to manage waste management in our communities effectively.”

Regional Manager Frank Phillips explains the company’s ‘work locally, employ locally’ ethos. “Our experience is that with working partnerships, the further remote you get, the more respect you get,” he says. “Local communities are grateful, and keen to work together on waste management goals.”

Two months in, Wanless Waste Management is working hard at getting the facility operating at maximum efficiency, while looking ahead to tackling illegal dumping in the area, and exploiting recycling opportunities and resource streams. The Carpentaria Basin area’s environmental conservation and sustainability are key focuses, and strategically aligned with Wanless’s own commitment to a clean and green future. 

Wanless Waste Management’s 80% recycling rate means by smartly managing your waste, together we can help conserve natural resources including minerals, water and wood. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.