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E-waste management

Transforming E-Waste Management: Apple’s Shift from Lightning to USB-C

In an unprecedented move toward e-waste management and global sustainability, Apple is switching its traditional Lightning cables to the more universal USB-C in line with a mandate by the European Union (EU). The development comes after the EU’s push for common charger standards across the tech industry, aimed at reducing electronic waste (e-waste) and promoting a more sustainable future.

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Robotics e-waste

Wanless and QUT win grant to tackle e-waste with robotics

The Federal Government has awarded Wanless and QUT Centre for Robotics a grant to develop a prototype for the disassembly of mobile phones. The aim of this initial project is to remove phone batteries, but the subsidy has far-reaching benefits in helping tackle the e-waste issues facing the world.

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Individuals can make a difference to e-waste recycling

This year’s International E-Waste Day 2021 was marked by an estimate that the worldwide mountain of waste electronic and electrical equipment totals 57.4 million tonnes, a greater weight than that of the Great Wall of China, Earth’s heaviest artificial object.

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