Council maps out 10-year waste management and resource recovery plan

Ipswich, home of the proposed Wanless Recycling Park, has cemented its commitment to reducing waste management and maximising resource recovery. Ipswich City Council recently set out a 10-year roadmap detailing how it will deliver on the city’s Resource Recovery Strategy. The Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (RRIP, previously known as Materials Recovery Plan) outlines the city’s resource recovery strategic priorities including  reducing waste generation and landfill disposal, maximising resource recovery opportunities in line with circular economy principles, providing excellence in customer service, and achieving continuous improvement and development of people, processes, infrastructure and technology.

“Wanless applauds the new Council strategy as it will create jobs for the Ipswich region,” says Wanless CEO Dean Wanless. “The recycling industry creates up to four times as many jobs as landfill services. Wanless’s focus is always to use waste as a resource and boost for the industry in the local region.”

Mayor Teresa Harding said that council is committed to taking further steps forward for the community on waste and resource recovery.

“Waste disposal issues in our city are long-running and well known to our stakeholders. At the same time, the evidence base is building for the economic and environmental benefits of the circular economy model,” Mayor Harding said. “It is council’s priority to listen to the diverse voices in our community in moving our city towards a brighter future on waste and resource recovery.” Community engagement on the draft strategy is open until 11.45am on 17 May via a survey or in person at the Council stall at the Ipswich Show from 15-17 May.