Wanless supports CSIRO Industry PhD Scholarship: Regulatory barriers impacting circular economy development

The CSIRO Industry PhD Program (iPhD) is a four-year research training program that focuses on applied research and working with the industry sector. The waste industry has identified the existence of real and significant regulatory barriers as a significant hurdle to growing Australia’s recycling industry. Together with QUT, we’re excited to be involved in producing the next generation of innovation leaders with the skills to help break down the legislative roadblocks to growing Australia’s recycling industry.

As a means to address unsustainable resource consumption and waste generation, the transition to a circular economy has become a priority in Australia. Transitioning to a circular economy will require the growth and support of a sustainable waste management and recycling industry in Australia. While circular economy policies encourage and set targets for waste reduction, other legislation such as planning laws, waste management laws and local government legislation create barriers to expanding circular waste management operations.

Overall, the structure of the CSIRO Industry PhD Program (iPhD) includes:

  • a literature review
  • qualitative research (interviews and workshops) with industry, government and research bodies aimed at identifying blockages/barriers
  • an analysis of legislation in light of these identified barriers.

The final research aim will be to identify some policy reform options and investigate potential mechanisms, processes and organisations through which legislative change can ideally be influenced and achieved.

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For more information about the QUT CSIRO PhD scholarship, click here.