Facility management | Top 4 reasons you should conduct a waste audit

See where your business can improve

Waste audits can help facility management determine the effectiveness of your operations, identifying what is working or not working with your current waste and recycling management program. It can uncover breakdowns, expose wasteful problems or confirm successes. This enables you to make necessary adjustments to improve and maximise your operational efficiency. A waste audit can help set a baseline and create benchmarks year after year so you can set targets and gauge the progress and effectiveness of your waste and recycling programs.

Save money…

If your waste audit reveals that a large percentage of recyclables are ending up in landfill, you can take corrective steps, either by refining your recycling program or through recycling education. The results can also impact your purchasing decisions, for example, by prompting you to look for suppliers with returns programs or reduced packaging.

Waste audits can unlock missing revenue streams and potential savings. By facility management reducing what goes in your bin, you will also be able to reduce your waste management fees.

And help save the world

It goes without saying, less waste going into landfill is less damaging to our environment. Creating new products out of recycled materials is more energy-efficient than mining new materials and processing them. Take aluminium cans as one example: recycling a soft drink can saves 95% of the energy it would take to make new metal from bauxite ore. We’re doing our bit – Wanless currently achieves over 80% recycling rate – so let us help you do yours. 

Report on your success

Sustainable offerings address current concerns about the environment, appealing to customers across all industries. Take care to market your offering well, and you’ll likely surpass your competition and make a real impression that moves your customers into action. Sustainability in business is a huge positive for the environment and many will appreciate that. 

Wanless Waste Management offers free waste audits, contact us to book yours in before the end of financial year.