Wanless and Candy Soils tackle food waste recycling with new initiative 

Wanless Waste Management, in partnership with organics recycler Candy Soil, has embarked on a ground-breaking initiative focused on food waste recycling. This ambitious project is designed to divert 100 metric tonnes of fruit and vegetable waste away from landfill every month.

At the heart of this initiative lies the concept of reusing organic waste to create high-quality compost and soil products. The resulting compost is then supplied to the agricultural sector as a direct substitute for synthetic fertilisers. Meanwhile, the soil is made available to landscape yards and communities for use in various projects, including council initiatives and household gardens.

“This initiative, whilst in its infancy, highlights the growing demand from producers and generators for solutions to minimising their waste,” says Candy Soil’s representative, Nick Ryan. “It highlights businesses’ shift in focus towards more sustainable and socially acceptable practices, whilst understanding the economic system of the Circular Economy is actually a viable one.”

Food Waste Recycling – how it works

The composting process for Trial Load 1 is a journey that begins with the construction of compost rows using green waste primarily sourced from council sites. These rows are augmented with a variety of organic inputs, such as food, beer and abattoir waste. These rows rest for approximately one week before being turned using a row turner.

Moisture and temperature levels are adjusted as needed, depending on factors like weather conditions, temperature and the row’s dryness. Frequent checks to ensure that the row reaches the appropriate temperature milestones and oxygen levels to optimise microbial activity, essential for effective decomposition and maturation. Regular turning occurs 2-3 times a week, ensuring that the composting process remains efficient. The compost rows mature for a minimum of 12 weeks before undergoing screening to produce the final, market-ready product.

The labour- and time-intensive process underscores Wanless Waste Management and Candy Soil’s commitment to sustainability, reducing waste in landfills and providing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional agricultural practices. Together, they are making strides towards a greener, more environmentally conscious future.
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