How do you manage commercial waste? Comparing residential and commercial waste management

Commercial waste and residential waste are two different types of waste that have different characteristics and require different management approaches. So how do you manage commercial waste?

Commercial waste is generated by businesses and other organisations, and typically includes paper, cardboard, food waste, plastics and metals. Commercial waste can be more difficult to manage than residential waste because it is often more voluminous and contains a wider variety of materials.

Additional challenges of managing commercial waste:

  • Volume: Commercial waste can be much more voluminous than residential waste. Businesses often generate large amounts of waste, such as food waste from restaurants, cardboard from shipping, and paper from offices.
  • Variety: Commercial waste can also contain a wider variety of materials than residential waste – namely, chemicals, hazardous materials and electronic waste.
  • Regulations: Commercial waste is often subject to more stringent regulations than residential waste. This is because commercial waste can pose a greater environmental and health risk.

Managing commercial waste effectively requires a number of steps. Waste segregation is the first step: commercial waste should be segregated into different streams, such as recyclables, compostables and hazardous waste. This will make it easier to manage and dispose of the waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, involving recycling, composting or incineration.

As a business, choosing the right partners and service providers makes things run smoothly – and saves you money. A waste management company experienced in handling commercial waste, one that can develop a waste management plan that outlines your waste reduction, recycling and disposal goals.

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