Wanless Recycling Parks jump on board the NSW infrastructure boom

NSW is in the midst of a $90bn infrastructure spend, with the majority allocated to transport projects. It is an extraordinary effort, such that Sydney is in the middle of one of the biggest infrastructure booms in the OECD.

And while growth is great, it’s important it is done in a sustainable way. Infrastructure Australia has released new guiding principles to promote sustainability across the infrastructure sector and ensure major investments deliver the best outcomes for the community.

Key points from these include:

  • Protecting and preserving ecological processes required to maintain human health and the functioning of natural systems.
  • Enabling economic development while limiting negative effects on the environment and enhancing quality-of-life.
  • Representing the efficient use of financial resources or reducing life-cycle costs.

Underpinning sustainability is recycling and waste management. Through Wanless’s commitment of “Creating a better environment”, the northern aspect of Sydney Recycling Park is a fully comprehensive recycling facility where recoverable materials are screened, processed, treated and recovered for re-use locally.

Our facility processes up to 220,000 tonnes of waste per annum, with approximately 85% of incoming material diverted from landfill – numbers set to grow with new recycling plants and programmes on the horizon. 

This work will improve the diversion of waste plastics from landfill, recycling electronic waste in accordance with National Scheme guidelines and generally enable more materials to be diverted from landfill and be used within the circular economy.

“SRP has also entered into an agreement with the Queensland University of Technology to improve the way that mattresses are recycled,” says Peter Toole, General Manager or Sydney Recycling Park. “This work will include almost two million dollars being provided to QUT over four years for research work which hopes to provide innovative solutions to this global challenge.”

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