Wanless Earns ABSC Accreditation: A Leap Forward in Mattress Recycling 

The global need for sustainable waste management has never been more imperative. With burgeoning landfills and the damaging effects of waste on our environment, industries worldwide are stepping up to take responsibility for their products. At the forefront of this initiative is the Australian bedding industry, which is leading the mattress recycling charge to divert more from landfill, all the while aiming to provide constructive solutions to the prevalent issue of end-of-life mattress materials. 

The Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC) is one such entity committed to eliminating the practice of discarding mattresses in landfill. They strive to create a sustainable mattress recycling network, wherein old, discarded mattresses are collected, stored, and recycled with utmost environmental safety and responsibility. 

Achieving the esteemed ABSC Approval is no easy feat. It is a seal of reliability given exclusively to mattress recyclers who uphold the highest standards of safety and environmentally responsible practices in their operations. It is not just about effectively recycling end-of-life mattresses and their components, but also doing so in a manner that underscores a deep commitment to our planet. 

Wanless Waste Management is one such proud recipient of the ABSC approval. This accreditation is a testament to their dedication towards developing and innovating recycling initiatives. Partnered with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Wanless is unwavering in its commitment to tackle the mammoth task of mattress waste head-on. 

However, the road to effective mattress recycling is fraught with challenges. Primarily, mattress recycling is a high-cost operation that offers a low return on investment. This is because it’s currently impossible to recycle a mattress completely in Australia, with only a portion of its materials being recoverable. 

Moreover, the materials that are successfully retrieved from old mattresses often have limited resale value. This creates a significant financial hurdle for recyclers who are trying to run a viable, environmentally responsible business. Despite these issues, the need for solutions in this space is vital for the sustainability of our environment and the health of our planet. 

Together, Wanless and ABSC are working relentlessly towards creating new, sustainable and effective solutions for end-of-life mattress materials. They understand that this is not a static challenge, but an evolving problem that requires continuous effort, adaptation and innovation.

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