Market moves | Wanless finalises acquisition of Resource Enviro

Wanless Waste Management is proud to announce the finalisation of its acquisition of national contract services business Resource Environmental Solutions, solidifying Wanless’s divestment and commitment to a sustainable future.

“I have always believed that the contract services model has many benefits that when coupled with traditional collection,” says CEO Dean Wanless. “It gives clients a fantastically broad one stop shop which is hard to replicate.

“Customers demand more these days, innovative ideas and creative, hands on recycling solutions. It’s great to have a business like RES in the Wanless group that can offer impartial advice to our clients – while collaborating with other industry leaders to deliver a better customer experience that delivers on sustainability promises

Expanding geographical reach

Aside from a single-provider service, the acquisition also means Wanless Waste Management’s geographical reach is expanded, for both new customers and existing clients, as is its service offering. 

“We have a client that has been after ‘one invoice’ for years as they operate in remote places, including in New Zealand where we traditionally haven’t serviced,” says Dean.” We now manage their waste and recycling from outback Kalgoorlie in Western Australian,  to Christchurch in New Zealand, with detailed reports on their operations.”

Resource Enviro acquisition

“We are excited for this acquisition,” says former owner Chris O’Brien. “The move has allowed me to create businesses in the US, where I currently live, and expand my aspirations. My strong relationship with Dean and the team has also meant Wanless is coming on this journey with me as a partner which has helped accelerate the process.”

The acquisition is reflective of the waste management industry as a whole as more and more companies look to create a “one-stop-shop” solution for their clients. This benefits both the end customer and the waste management provider, as it negates the need for waste brokers. Combining the two platforms and being the business’s own customer creates internal competition  and aids feedback across all services.”

Transparent reporting

To ensure continuous improvement of client’s waste management contract and environmental performance in lieu of a waste broker, Wanless offers transparent reporting across its operations and fleet, mapping activities to provide real-time performance, data and weights. This is particularly crucial across the government and commercial sectors where waste data is used externally to show environmental and sustainability business performance to shareholders, the wider public and investor community.

To find out more about Wanless’s acquisition of Resource Enviro, or to find out how this impacts your business, contact us today.