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Timber & Pallet Recycling Solutions

Got wood? Give new life to old timber.

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Australians are a large importer of timber products including soft and hard woods, pallets and chipboard. As part of a Total Waste Solution or as a once off collection Wanless can provide your business with a Timber recycling collection.

Depending on your timber volumes we have bins ranging from 12-31 cubic meters to store, collect and dispose responsibly of recyclable untreated timber.

Through a network of local recycling centres nationally and an integrated service model, Wanless will transport your timber product to a recycling facility to be either mulched into new commercial product that is re-used back into industry, new particle board or can be used as a fuel stock for renewable bio-energy.

At our Kemps Creek Resource Recovery Alliance we recover timber from incoming loads and re-use this mulch as landfill covering. Any treated product with a chemical spray or painted coating are not recyclable because they may contain toxic chemicals however Wanless can assist your business with a disposal solution for non-recyclable product.

For those businesses who produce timber waste Wanless provides simple and effective solutions for timber recycling disposal. Turn your timber waste into a resource, providing it new life as a new mulch product.

Timber bulk bins

Timber Bulk bins range from 12 – 31 cubic meters.

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What cango in your timber recycling bin?

The following fibre items are acceptable:

  • Reusable pallets – hardwood
  • Reusable pallets – softwood
  • Single use pallets – hardwood
  • Single use pallets – softwood
  • Skids
  • Timber box’s
  • Timber crates
  • Cable reels
  • Dunnage

What can’tgo in your timber recycling bin?

The following fibre items are acceptable:

  • No general rubbish or hard rubbish
  • No treated timber
  • No MDF or chipboard
  • No Melamine or high gloss painted timber
  • No green waste
  • No plastics or strappings
  • No asbestos
  • No flammable waste
  • No prescribed, liquid or hazardous wastes

Timber Recycling Facts

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By recycling wood you assist in preserving the environment by reducing reliance on virgin materials being logged thus protecting a living source.

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Timber still represents in NSW 13% of waste disposed in landfill.

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Can you reuse the timber in your own business so recycling is a secondary disposal option?

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Look into the community for a local re-use solution, can you connect with a wood working guild or men’s group to donate wood?

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Broken pallets may still be repairable or recyclable, our staff can assist your business to determine a recycling option.

Waste management doesn’t have to be a burden to your business.

Create real transformation with a Wanless refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle waste management plan

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