Trucks go high-tech

As a global community, we are becoming more and more aware of waste, and how best to dispose of it. And like any industry, this has bred continuous innovation and technological advances.

Because we’re committed to furthering both the industry and our own endeavours in being at the forefront of waste management innovation, each of Wanless’s approved waste providers use leading on-board computer systems designed to capture data and support a wide range of services.

The modern cloud-based suite of software functions as a web service, with integrated Google mapping, route optimisation and mobile software apps designed to feed information back to HQ, meaning a better, more streamlined service for its clients.

In-vehicle systems are as much a resource planning tool as a collection management system. With their help, we schedule and even forecast both routine and ad-hoc work tasks. Knowledge is power, after all. And with our wired-up fleet of high-tech trucks, we know all there is to know about your waste – and how to get rid of it more efficiently.