Pegasus Print Group and Wanless achieve almost 95% recyclability

Pegasus CEO Wayne Finkelde says, “We changed our waste partner to Wanless a year ago, and they have been terrific. They have their own recycling plant, and they even sort through our general waste to recycle more. We sort into plastic, metals, paper, board and timber – all our pallets are recycled; broken ones are chipped.”

Pegasus together with Wanless Waste Management has refocused the printing company’s manufacturing strategy to a more environmentally friendly model. Just this past year, Wanless has managed to divert 1275 tonnes of waste from landfill from Pegasus’s Blacktown factory, saving the equivalent of 4600 trees, a million kilowatts of power, 447,000 litres of water and 223 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

“This is a fantastic result for Pegasus, and for Wanless Waste Management,” says CEO Dean Wanless. “Working with Pegasus has produced outstanding results due to the company’s drive to be more sustainable and reduce waste, which of course feeds directly into capability and purpose. We have seen a large increase in major corporate clients pushing for more circular outcomes. This strategy not only improves brand reputation, but reduces waste and procurement costs.”

Wanless’s commitment to sustainable waste management is well-aligned with Pegasus Print Group, one of the biggest independent print businesses in Australia. In fact, Pegasus has looked at all aspects of its business, its display bins for instance are now 100 per cent recyclable. Finkelde said, “Even the clips, which used to be plastic, are now made from sugar cane, and recyclable.”

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